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yard of the month

The Lexington Woman's Club has built upon their club's motto, "Work Today for a Better Tomorrow", since its inception in April 1958 and federation in May 1958. Under the leadership of her first President, Mrs. Nancy Wingard, the membership formulated their programs, purposes, and goals to reflect the General Federation of Women's Club objectives and guidelines.

Mrs. Vie Sandifer became the second President and continued addressing the needs of the small, rural community that bordered the state capital. With a great love of gardening, she initiated the "Yard of the Month" program under the Conservation Department in 1962. The purpose of this project was to feature the growing of botanicals in yards within a five mile radius from the Lexington Courthouse. The general public could view the yard's trees, shrubs, flowers, and garden features and note the growth habit, water needs, and sun exposures. The viewer could determine if the plant would be suitable in their landscape. The selected recipient was given a certificate of award and their name/address/features were printed in the local newspaper's community column. 

These objectives remain intact today. Because of the popularity of this project, it the only project that has continued since 1962. Mrs. Sandifer continues to be a sustaining charter member of the club.

Yard of the Month Recipients

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